Matt Reynolds on RFID for Mobile Manipulation

Matt Reynolds of Duke was at Willow Garage last week to speak about RFID for Mobile Manipulation. Matt has been collaborating with Charlie Kemp's Healthcare Robotics Lab (HRL) at Georgia Tech. They have been researching various uses of UHF RFID tags to provide inexpensive solutions to hard robotics problems. With a cost as low as $0.20 a piece, UHF RFID tags can provide a high degree of certainty in an uncertain environment. Several research groups have already investigated their use in SLAM -- HRL's innovation is combining the use of the same RFID tags to do both far-field (6m+) localization of objects and near-field (0.5-10cm) grasping. They've also been able to use multipath calculations based on the manufacturer's antenna model to provide localization without cumbersome training.

You can find out more about their work at HRL's RFID project page.