PR2 Arm and Phasespace demo

I asked Vijay and Wim Thursday night if they could put together a quick demo to shoot for the Web site. By Friday morning they had thrown together an arm controller, a head controller, and data from the Phasespace motion capture system to come up with a new teleoperation system for the robot. We normally use a spaceball to control the arm's movements, but the Phasespace system has more possibilities for fine-grained control of the arm's many degrees of freedom. As you'll see in the video, Wim is able to wave around an object with optical markers to control the position of the arm and grab objects. Using our transform library tf, the head is able to track the position of the gripper as it moves around.

This video is a farewell for the arm -- in the hopes of getting good data for future versions, we've scheduled it for 'destructive' testing this week. We have several arms coming online this week to replace it, so the destruction will be productive and fun.