ROS on the iPod Touch/iPhone

Josh Faust and Rob Wheeler recently got ROS working on the iPod Touch/iPhone and put together a quick demo that uses an iPod Touch as a joystick for the PR2 robot. The iPod Touch and iPhone combine a high-quality display with different modes of interaction that make it appealing for robotics interfaces, and they are a platform to test cross-compilation of ROS. The difficult challenge in getting ROS running on the iPod Touch was solving the cross-compilation issues. Once they had those figured out, they were able to add about twenty lines of code to the standard iPod Touch accelerator demo to translate the accelerator input into commands to drive the PR2.

This is still a proof of concept, but we hope in the coming months to make it a stable platform for ROS development. We've put up a ROSPod wiki page so you can track our efforts and contribute your own.