ICAPS 2009: Willow Garage Aims to Bridge the Gap Between Task and Motion Planning

ICAPSPR2 is designed to be a powerful mobile manipulation platform. We at Willow Garage want to apply PR2 to do useful tasks autonomously, over extended periods of time. Planning is central to making this a reality. Motion planning, the primary focus of planning in robotics, plays a key role here, since figuring out how to move around a complex mechanism like PR2 in a dynamic, cluttered 3D space is fundamental to mobile manipulation. Task planning, more the focus in the AI community, is also important, determining which motions are required in the first place, and when.

Usually task and motion planning are considered separately, by separate communities, using separate approaches. Bhaskara Marthi and Conor McGann (Willow Garage), in conjunction with Max Likhachev (U. Penn.) and Dave Smith (NASA), are hoping to bridge that gap through a novel workshop on "Bridging the Gap Between Task and Motion Planning" co-located with the International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling. ICAPS is the premier planning conference in the world, and we hope for a high quality and engaging workshop attended by members from both the robotics and AI communities. The workshop will be held on September 19th in Thessaloniki, Greece. Submissions are due June 23rd, 2009.