IROS 2009 Workshop: Semantic Perception for Mobile Manipulation

Radu Bogdan Rusu, Gary Bradski, Kurt Konolige, and Michael Beetz are organizing a workshop at IROS 2009 in St. Louis, MO, USA: Semantic Perception for Mobile Manipulation. The workshop will try to analyze the requirements of a perception system that is able to create useful semantic models for mobile manipulation, by bringing together researchers from the Computer Vision, 3D Mapping, and Mobile Manipulation and Grasping areas.

We invite the community to submit papers presenting their latest work on perception for mobile manipulation, including object recognition, perception for grasping, etc... We welcome preliminary results, particularly with compelling videos. Whether or not you submit a paper, you are invited to attend the workshop.

The submission deadline is 15th of July 2009; check the website for details.

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