Cheer on Counter Revolution


At Willow Garage we like robots, so much so that some of our employees spend their free time building even more robots. Willow Garage employees Curt Meyers, Melonee Wise and Derek King, along with Dallas Goecker, Michael Gregg, and Iibo Cao put together Counter Revolution, which is a robot you keep your distance from. Counter Revolution is a 217-lb robot of destruction, wielding counter-rotating blades of doom. In addition to competing in the recently relaunched Battlebots events, Counter Revolution is competing in the heavyweight class in this weekend's RoboGames at Fort Mason in San Francisco. We don't let them turn it on inside the office, so I'll be heading to the city to see what it can do.

RoboGames is a great yearly event. Come cheer them on and check out all the other robot action, both combat and non-combat.

Update: they won their match today! (Friday)