Watching the Milestone 2 Video Outside the US

Update: the issues with the video have been worked out, but you can still use the links below to download the video if you prefer.

We've been receiving reports that many of you outside the US have been unable to view our Milestone 2 video with messages like, "This video is not available in your country due to copyright restrictions." We've are working to fix this and have some workarounds below, but first some explanation.

YouTube has informed us that the video "includes audio content that is owned or licensed by UMG [Universal Music Group]." We would find this humorous if it didn't also mean that many of you are unable to watch the video. The video contains almost no audio other than the occasional sound of the PR2 opening a door and plugging in, as well as some applause at the end. We've been joking that it must have matched John Cage's famous 4'33", which consists of four minutes and thirty-three seconds of silence. We wish we knew what song Universal Music Group thinks it matches as we have been looking for some good music to go along with the sounds of the PR2.

We disputed this bogus claim, but our dispute was rejected. We're now entering into a more formal process to file a DMCA counterclaim. Unfortunately, it may take a couple weeks to resolve.

In the meantime, we're happy to provide you links to the original video files used to create the YouTube version, as well as an iPhone-friendly version:

Milestone 2 Highlights (iPhone, 28MB)

Milestone 2 Highlights (HD, 196MB)