RSS 2009 Presentations

The slides from last week's RSS 2009 workshop presentations are included below for those who were at the talks and would like the slides, or for those that weren't there and would like to skim through them. For Sachin Chitta's Mobile Manipulation Workshop presentation, which gives an overview of our Milestone 2 research and accomplishments, please see the previous post.

Angelic Hierarchical Planning: The PR2 robot has to make decisions at many levels, all the way from deciding which task to do (e.g. "Grasp an object") down to planning the motion of the arm to accomplish that task. This presentation describes some of the preliminary results in our research into integrating these different levels of planning.

Angelic Hierarchical Planning

Towards a Science of Robotics: Just as we hope that platforms like ROS and the PR2 will help foster reproducibility of results, so, too, can greater scientific rigor. Leila Takayama looks at two studies in human-robot interaction in order to highlight issues of scientific rigor as we move towards a science of robotics. (full paper [pdf].)

Takayama RSS2009 Workshop