Towards a Robot App Store

Several of our researches attended the IJCAI 2009 Workshop on Robotics, which was held this past Monday.There were a lot of great talks, including Aarod Edsinger of Meka Robotics talking about Meka's 7 DOF arm and 4-5 DOF hand, as well as Giorgio Metta of the University of Genoa talking about the iCub project. The iCub project is similar to our goals with the PR2/ROS projects: it also combines an open source platform (YARP) with a robot platform that is being given away to researchers.

Willow Garage's Brian Gerkey gave a talk, "Towards a Robot App Store," which discusses some of the goals and philosophy of our ROS software -- we hope they will lead to a future where robotics applications are easily written and shared. You can browse and download the slides below.

Towards a Robot App Store on Scribd (Download PDF from