ROS 0.7.2 Released

ROSROS 0.7.2 has been released (SVN tag)! This is a patch release that fixes various issues in preparation for our upcoming ROS Stack releases. We have also been focusing on improving error messages and performance based on ongoing user testing. The detailed change list is below.

-- Your friendly neighborhood ROS team


  • Fixed subscription callbacks to not starve other callbacks in a certain case.
  • Doxygen fixes for deprecated functions that were not pointing at the correct new locations.
  • Fixed `_param:=value` on anonymous nodes when `__name:=` was specified
  • Fixed race condition that would cause a "call to empty boost::function" exception


  • fixed bug with Time objects jumping to zero with simulated time on publish in certain cases
  • bug fix to numpy_msg
  • suppress error message stack trace for common case of connection refused


  • Fixed bug where checkbag incorrectly reports that a bag is up to date if it has moved without md5sum changing
  • Fixed bug where messages including messages from other packages where not populating migration rules fully
  • Stop displaying redundantly auto-generated rules boundary conditions where multiple scenarios lead to the same parallel generation
  • Programmatic use of checkbag/fixbag within a single script now cache initial load of message migrator.  This gives huge savings when checking/fixing large numbers bags in batch, such as during testing.
  • Added "" script which operates on multiple bags more easily and efficiently


  • fixed major issues with generate_dynamic and Header messages
  • better error message in generate_dynamic
  • better cleanup of dynamically generated .py / .pyc files in roslib
  • Fixed manifest for rosrecord so external users can use librosrecorder now that it's been broken out from just a header. 

roslib: fixed cache use of ROS_PACKAGE_PATH when it is not set
rostopic: bug fix to bw command and better error reporting
roswtf: numerous updates, including better offline behavior, and fix to duplicate node rule
topic_tools: export MuxSelect header
rosmsg: bug fix to indentation of constants with rosmsg show
roslaunch-deps: better handling of bad xml
rostest: suppress output from master during tests

  • Fixed assertion on page up/arrow up when the number of messages in the list control is 0
  • Fixed high CPU utilization when no new messages have arrived

rosdep: festival, libusb (r5530)
rosstack: bug fixes so that it works again, and handles unversioned stack dependencies. uses ROS_ROOT and ROS_PACKAGE_PATH if ROS_STACK_PATH is not defined. Expose librosstack via package manifest and moving rosstack.h into the package include directory