is the new home of ROS. This is a major step for us and speaks to our changing perspective now that we are marching towards Milestone 3. Whereas Milestone 1 and Milestone 2 focused on what we could accomplish as a company with our PR2 prototype robots, Milestone 3 is about looking beyond Willow Garage and enabling the ROS and future PR2 community to do even greater things. Developing ROS as open source with Stanford from the early stages has been an exciting, informative experiment for us as a company. We're pleased that it has shown such great promise, as it has allowed others to extend ROS beyond our own capability. The decision to go open source has also enabled the ROS Community to grow substantially over the past year. There are already eight open-source code repositories of ROS code outside of Willow Garage and we hope to see even more in the future as ROS matures.

As part of this growth, we feel that will represent a new home for the ROS community. It's not about us anymore -- it's about you and the things that you can do with ROS on your robots. As part of this transition, we've worked hard to clean up the ROS Wiki and develop new features to help you discover new ROS software more easily. There is also a new ROS blog,  where we will announce future releases of ROS Stacks. We hope that you'll register for an account on the Wiki and start contributing software content of your own. We're very excited to see where the community takes ROS.


How about an IRC channel?

There is currently an IRC channel for openCV on freenode, how about one for ROS?