Production Floor Part 2: Stockroom Ready for Raw Materials

White Lab Progress

Part 1: Building a New Lab

Last Friday, construction of the manufacturing area was completed, electrostatic dissipative (ESD) flooring was installed, and the stockroom cage and shelving went up. The interns attempted to move in and claim the area as their own, but quickly realized the cage had a lock and, upon hearing they could not get out until their summer projects were completed, attempted to escape.

Intern BunksIntern Escape

Once the fun was over, the manufacturing materials group began bringing in raw materials. None too soon, as we now have 91% of all the PR2 build materials on order, and over 350 of these components already in the building. We are expecting a sharp increase in parts shipments in the coming weeks as we continue to prepare for the upcoming PR2 builds.

The PR2 has over 6,000 parts which must fit into the stockroom, necessitating the need for high-density shelving. These racks were erected earlier this week, and we've been busy boxing up and organizing all of the received parts. Larger or heavier PR2 components are stored on pallet racks or larger shelving units. The stockroom also has an area for incoming part inspection, as well as a workstation to enter part data into the manufacturing system.

Our team continues to purchase the final parts for the PR2, as well as specialized assembly fixtures, torque drivers, and additional ESD equipment. Soon, the production floor will be configured with work cells, and we'll be ready to build some robots.

-- John Blazek