Encore Presentation: Humans Helping Robots See

With the recent New Scientist article, Alex Sorokin's work with the PR2 and Mechanical Turk has been getting a lot of attention. During his summer here at Willow Garage, Alex was able to take camera and laser data gathered from the PR2, submit it to Mechanical Turk, and have humans identify objects in that data. This labeled data was then used to train algorithms on the PR2.

For those of you who haven't seen it, we thought you might like watching Alex's video, where he gives an overview of some of the datasets he was able to submit to Mechanical Turk. There is also last month's blog post that describes the work in greater detail and has slides from Alex's end-of-summer presentation. You may also be interested in Alex Teichman's work with hand detection, which used data labeled from Mechanical Turk.