Production Floor Part 3: Gripper Production Underway

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Part 2: Stockroom Ready for Raw Materials

PR2 production is now underway as we have started to assemble the grippers. Each gripper consists of 52 components, plus the screws that hold everything together. In order to put these parts together correctly, we have created work orders for what to build, put together "kits" for the corresponding parts, and sent these to the production floor. A kit is a box containing all of the components and work instructions required to build any particular assembly or sub-assembly.

After assembly, we will inspect and test the grippers, and put them onto our burn-in fixtures. There, the gripper assemblies will be continuously exercised by squeezing a test fixture, while we monitor the internal electrical parameters of the motor, encoder and drive circuits. After the 48-hour burn-in, the gripper assemblies will be returned to the stockroom where they will wait to be incorporated into a higher-level assembly.

Activity levels in the stockroom are also increasing as our suppliers ship us packages daily. Almost all of the parts are on order now, and over half of the components for the first PR2 production run have arrived; the remaining parts should be here in the coming weeks.

-- John Blazek

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