ICAPS presentations

Conor McGann and Bhaskara Marthi went to ICAPS 2009 to give presentations on planning research they are working on at Willow Garage. This includes some of the work that went into Milestone 2 and TREX, as well as more on the hierarchical planning work seen in Jason Wolfe's summer internship work. For those that couldn't make it to Greece or want a second look, their presentation slides are included below.

Conor McGann's presentation on "Model-based Hierarchical Control of a Mobile Manipulation Platform", which was given at the workshop on Planning and Plan Execution for Real-World Systems (Download PDF from ROS.org):

Bhaskara Marthi's presentation on Angelic Hierarchical Planning, which was given at the workshop on Bridging the Gap Between Task and Motion Planning (Download PDF from ROS.org):