Mrinal Kalakrishnan, a doctoral student in the Computational Learning and Motor Control lab at USC, just returned from FOSS.IN in Bangalore, India where he gave a keynote presentation on ROS.  FOSS.IN stands for Free and Open Source Software.India, and serves to bring together those interested in FOSS development and contribution.

In the hacking spirit of FOSS.IN, Mrinal put together a last-minute demo using ROS and the Nokia N900 phone.  With the help of two Nokia representatives and an N900 loaner, Mrinal was able to get data from the phone, and, in the absence of a real robot, used the phone's accelerometer to drive a virtual PR2.  With one hour to spare before his presentation, Mrinal nicely demonstrated how open source software allows for easy collaboration, resource sharing, and impromptu hacking.

In an effort to further promote PR2 demos and experiments, we're running the PR2 simulator through Milestone 3 user testing.  We encourage you to download the simulator and create your own demos!  See Mrinal's presentation slides below (download PDF), and to watch more Willow Garage-related presentations and videos, check out our YouTube channel.