Production Part 6: System Integration Has Begun

Integration test

Part 1: Building a New Lab
Part 2: Stockroom Ready for Raw Materials
Part 3: Gripper Production Underway
Part 4: First Production Grippers Complete
Part 5: Casters, Heads, Arms and More

For the past couple of months, the production floor has seen a collection of modular PR2 Beta sub-assemblies: grippers, casters, and heads. Last week, the first shoulder sub-assemblies came off the line, providing us with all of the sub-assemblies needed to integrate the first PR2 Beta.

A shelf full of casters yielded a mobile base. Cameras, pan-tilt platforms, and tilting lasers became a sensor head. At 6pm last Friday, all of these parts came together, along with a spine assembly, and, for the first time, powered on as one whole unit.

By 9pm, the armless robot was driving around the building. Grippers, forearms, upper arms and shoulders were added over the weekend, and what was once a collection of parts began to look more like a full PR2.

There is much more to do. The robot is now with our software team to test the integrated system and transfer the capabilities of our PR2 Alpha prototypes to the new system. Next, the robot will return to the production team, and they will continue to integrate, refine, and tune.

 - The PR2 Builders

Mobile Base Shoulder ready for burn-in Production Servers Production Batteries



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