ROS 0.11 Released

ROS 0.11

ROS 0.11 has been released! ROS 0.11 includes many of the final features and API modifications that we wish to have in place for ROS 1.0. Our focus with this release was on improving consistency, better performance, and bug fixes. We are also removing much of the deprecated functionality with this release so that ROS 1.0 will have minimal deprecated functionality.

Some of the major updates in this release include new "wait for message" API routines in roscpp and rospy, bash tab-completion for most command-line tools, improvement in Python-related startup latency, and streamlining of the service API in rospy.

There were many other changes with this release as we work to improve and finalize the ROS feature set. You can find a complete list in the changelist.

You can download a tarball of the release, though we recommend that you start with the ROS installation instructions instead.

Notes on Updating from 0.10 or earlier in SVN: There are a number of previously installed programs which are now versioned scripts. SVN will error when updating and not delete the installed programs to add the scripts in their place. You will need to delete the program and svn up again. The error will read:

svn: Failed to add file 'FILENAME': an unversioned file of the same name already exists

The solution is to rm FILENAME && svn up again.