Stack 1.0 Releases and Distributions

Box Turtle

In the coming weeks, there will be a flurry of 1.0 stack releases. The first of these are common 1.0, common_msgs 1.0, physics_ode, sound_drivers 1.0 and visualization_common 1.0.

We are making these releases in advance of our first ROS "Distribution" (Box Turtle), which will package our stable stacks together. Much like a Linux distribution (e.g. Ubuntu's Karmic Koala), the software stacks in the distribution will have a stable set of APIs for developers to build upon. We will release patch updates into the distribution, but otherwise keep these stacks stable. We've heard the needs from the community for a stable version of libraries to build upon, whether it be for research lab setups or classroom teaching, and we hope that these well-documented and well-tested distributions will fit that need. We will separately continue work on development of new features so that subsequent distributions will have exciting new capabilities to try out.

We're very excited to be nearing the end of our milestone 3 process. These 1.0 releases represent several months of coding, user testing, and documentation, so that the ROS community can use a broad set of stable robotics libraries to build upon. We appreciate the many contributions the community has made to these releases, from code, to bug reports, to participating in user tests. These releases also build upon many thirdparty robotics-related open source libraries.

For these releases, you will find links to "releases" and "change list", where you can find information about downloading these releases as well as information on what has changed:

Links to download/SVN tags

Change Lists

In most cases, the 1.0 releases will only contain minor updates from previous releases.

NOTE: not every stack in the final distribution will attain 1.0 status. We are reserving the 1.0 label for libraries that we believe to be the most mature and stable.

-- your friendly neighborhood ROS team