Milestone 3 Complete: PR2 Betas Ready and ROS 1.0

Milestone 3 Complete

Today, we finished our third milestone! Simply put, ROS has reached 1.0 status. We also recently unveiled the PR2 Beta robots and the PR2 Beta Program, which will distribute approximately 10 PR2 robots at no cost.

Of course, it's a lot more than that. Since work began on Milestone 3, there are now:

  • 203 ROS software tutorials
  • 29 ROS Stacks at 1.0 status, which contain a total of 186 ROS Packages
  • 21 Completed Use Cases, requiring well over one hundred user studies

Numbers aren't everything, though. Here are some of the libraries that are available free and open source (BSD): navigation, 3-D visualization, coordinate frames, robot modeling, laser and camera processing, logging and playback, and strong OpenCV integration.  Many additional libraries will be distributed with the PR2 so that robot recipients can start developing on the PR2 from day one: PR2 simulation, realtime controllers, diagnostics and debugging tools, and drivers.

There's also a brand-new community site with a wiki and news blog. With your help, we completely redid the content of the wiki to provide better, more consistent, and more thorough documentation. We also moved our source code hosting to, which provides significantly faster connection speeds.

The ROS community played a huge role in Milestone 3. Whether it be the authors of the high-quality, open-source libraries that ROS is built on top of, our awesome interns from top robotics research programs, the numerous wiki contributors, our user study participants, the developers who submitted patches, or the many e-mailers on ros-users -- all of you demonstrated that open source and quality go hand in hand.

In fact, while we were busy with Milestone 3, the ROS community continued to expand the list of ROS libraries. There are now 15 organizations releasing open source ROS libraries and contributing documentation to There are over 850 ROS packages available for you to download and use, including libraries for the Aldebaran Nao, iRobot Create, and much, much more.

The completion of Milestone 3 feels like the end of a long journey, from building PR2 alpha prototypes, to getting them to open doors and plug themselves in, to turning PR2 and ROS into solid development platforms for robotics. In reality, it's a beginning -- ROS is now ready for new audiences, and soon, PR2s will be in the hands of top research institutions around the world. We look forward to working with the robotics community in taking the next steps.