Next for Texai: 25 to be Built

In the past month or so, work has progressed on the Texai. We've decided to build 25 "Texas Alpha versions", or "TA" for short, to use for ourselves as well as studies on telepresence. Over the past month, we've been working with our design partner, Function, to make this happen.

One of the important aspects of this project has been to ensure that the TAs were seen as modifiable -- allowing anyone with an allen wrench and some confidence to switch out parts. We want to see what users will do with the robot, given the source code and the physical system.

The build of the subassemblies has been fast and furious. As you can see from the slideshow, we have at least two of the TAs built and are replicating them quite rapidly. We might not have enough storage for all 25 of the TAs at Willow Garage, but we'll be sending them out the door soon to various sites to test their remote capabilities.

Dallas, Curt and our intern Tom Grimes (from Purdue), along with the other members of the Texai/WG/Function team, have been cranking the allen wrenches, and building parts left and right. The software is also starting to take shape and is building on top of the capabilities developed for the PR2 robot. We're looking forward to getting the TAs back in the office and taking them for their first test drive.



suggest that you make them so they can be easily mailed and setup by people who don't know what they are doing. also include a built in cellular connection?? (though dangerous if they walk out of range.)