Over 100 Letters of Intent for the PR2 Beta Program

PR2 Beta Program

We anticipated strong interest in our PR2 Beta Program -- a PR2 at no cost does create quite a stir. Nonetheless, we're overwhelmed by the volume of responses we received: 120 Letters of Intent! We'll be busy in March reading through all of the full proposals. 

We're excited by the summaries we've read, and impressed by the breadth of proposed projects. The letters arrived from universities, companies, robotics clubs, and hackerspaces. The proposed programs cover the research areas and domains that we hoped to reach with the PR2, from motion planning to multi-robot coordination, and from education to eldercare. We appreciate the level of interest and commitment to open-source robotics software these letters represent.

We were surprised and impressed by the number of international letters. We received letters from twenty-seven countries, on five different continents. Although for logistical and support reasons we expect that most of the robots will go to North American institutions, the quality of the international presence has us convinced that this will be a global program.

It won't be long until March 1st when we have the full proposals. Thank you all for participating.