ROS Tutorial at ICRA 2010

ROS Tutorial

UPDATE: this tutorial is now full and registration is closed.

Several ROS experts will be on hand to give a full day ROS tutorial at ICRA 2010 in Anchorage, Alaska. On May 7, we'll be spending the entire day teaching the ins and outs of ROS, from nodes and messages, to sensing, planning, and control. We'll be bringing a PR2 robot so that participants can get hands-on experience using existing ROS software libraries, while also learning to write new code.  Exercises will be carried out both in simulation and on the robot. Whether you're a robot software developer, algorithm researcher, HRI researcher, robot competition participant, or commercial application developer, we encourage you to register and attend.

Attendees should be comfortable writing Python code, though need not be experts. Familiarity with ROS is encouraged but not required.

Important Links


A preliminary list of topics that will be taught is below. See the tutorial page for schedule details and updates.


  • use ROS command line tools and visualization tools
  • launch, analyze, and debug distributed ROS systems
  • write ROS nodes in Python
  • write and use custom ROS messages


  • access sensors and visualize data
  • construct sensor processing pipelines

Planning and Control

  • use and customize navigation for a mobile base
  • use and customize motion control for an articulated arm
  • build a high-level executive in Python


  • run complex robot simulations


  • control a complex mobile-manipulation platform


  • Gary Bradski, Willow Garage
  • Ken Conley, Willow Garage
  • Brian Gerkey, Willow Garage
  • Morgan Quigley, Stanford University
  • Melonee Wise, Willow Garage


Will this be recorded and

Will this be recorded and posted online?

We can look into this. We can

We can look into this. We can definitely post any slide and other materials online. Video is logistically more difficult as this is an all-day event.

Please do

Well, if you just record the main sessions (TurtleSim, Navigation, Object recognition and Grasping) and upload as 4 videos that would be really great! Because coming there from Ukraine and attending full conference costs around $3K. Sure, ROS is VERY interesting and perspective, but I don't think there are lots of people who can afford it. Yes, I realize that there are few non-us persons who're interested in ROS and want to come there. However, your efforts on recording sessions and uploading videos will be highly appreciated by everyone! Thanks for the great work on ROS anyway!

So nice.

It would be so nice if videos are available after the conference.

As an update, it's unlikely

As an update, it's unlikely that we will be videotaping this session. Nearly all the presentations are hands-on with a robot, i.e. close instructor/attendee interaction at the command-line, and seeing what the robot physically does in response. It will be difficult logistically to videotape this sort of teaching, and we're not sure that it will be effective for those not present. We can make available any code and presentation materials used, but these are very specific to the setup we will have at ICRA. We encourage those not able to attend to try the 100+ tutorials we have on the ROS wiki, as those are the basis of what we are teaching live.