Care-O-bot 3 Software Platform on

The Care-O-bot 3 software platform was recently ported to ROS and is fully available as open source. You can now go to the wiki and find documentation on the many software packages that they've released.

We're big fans of the Care-O-bot 3 platform from Fraunhofer IPA. Our booths at IREX 2009 were close by, so we got to watch as the Care-O-bot busily fetched beverages for attendees throughout the conference (some clips are in our IREX montage). The mobile manipulation robot features a clever arrangement of an arm and sensors that makes the robot two-sided: one side performs manipulation tasks with the arm, while the other side has a touch-screen tray that enables interaction with people.  The sensor head rotates 180 degrees to face either direction.  The Care-O-bot also has delightful flourish: its skin is made of foam, so it can surprise you with a bow.

Please see as well as the Fraunhofer IPA Care-O-bot site for more information.