Workshop on Computer Vision for Human-Robot Interaction at CVPR, June 14, 2010

We're organizing a workshop at CVPR 2010 to discuss the intersection of computer vision with human-robot interaction. We believe that for robots in human-populated environments, computer vision and human-robot interaction (HRI) can be highly complementary pursuits. Capable computer vision algorithms for tasks such as person detection, pose estimation, scene understanding or object recognition can facilitate a wide array of HRI systems which have only been teleoperated in the past. On the other hand, HRI tasks can elucidate the important features of computer vision algorithms, use human interaction to improve algorithm performance, and give those algorithms a larger context. Human-robot cooperation can even simplify computer vision tasks by improving viewing conditions.

We encourage researchers in the computer vision and HRI communities to participate. We'll discuss the state-of-the-art in each discipline and future directions of collaboration.

For more information, see the full webpage: CVforHRI2010

Call For Papers

Submission deadline: March 21, 2010. 23:59 PST

Papers should present research in computer vision techniques aimed at enabling human-robot interactions, or HRI research that makes use of state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms. Preference will be given to papers that address interaction as opposed to passive observation. We encourage algorithms that can be implemented on a robot or otherwise mobile platforms. We welcome multi-modal algorithms that combine camera information with other robot sensors.


  • Caroline Pantofaru (Willow Garage)
  • Leila Takayama (Willow Garage)
  • Rainer Stiefelhagen (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology & Fraunhofer)
  • Gary Bradski (Willow Garage)