ROS 1.1 Released (Unstable)


ROS 1.1 has been released. This is an unstable development release to test and develop features for ROS 1.2 (see version policy). Install at your own risk.


Major changes:

  • C++: There are major changes to roscpp, including a new message serialization API, custom allocator support, subscription callback types, non-const subscriptions, and fast intraprocess message passing. These changes are backwards-compatible, but require further testing and API stabilization.

  • Python: The rospy client library is largely unchanged, though the ROS Master has been moved to a separate package. There are many internal API changes being made to the Python code base to support the rosh scripting environment under active development.

For future development plans for the ROS 1.1.x branch, please see the ROS roadmap.

Full Changelist