OpenCV 2.1 Released


Above: Grabcut example

OpenCV 2.1 has been released. In addition to many improvements underneath the hood, OpenCV 2.1 adds the Grabcut (C. Rother, V. Kolmogorov, and A. Blake) image segmentation algorithm. The stereo libraries have also been updated with new and improved algorithms, including H. Hirschmuller's semi-global stereo matching algorithm (SGBM).

Mac OS X users will be happy to know that OpenCV has been updated for Snow Leopard. You can now build it as a 64-bit library and highgui has been updated with new Cocoa and QTKit backends (thanks Andre Cohen and Nicolas Butko). Windows users can also build on 64-bit using MSVC 2008 or mingw64.

There are numerous other improvements with this release. We encourage users to check the change list to find out more.

On an administrative note, OpenCV has migrated from SourceForge to to take advantage of faster servers. The ticket tracker has also moved.