Photos from the Stanford Block Party for National Robotics Week

SRI Junior Texai Telepresence Chat Stickybot Playing with the SRI robot Meka arm BOSCH RTC Neato vacuum robot

We had a great time at the Stanford Robot Block Party. The PR2 was there to show off its 3D sensors, and Texai were roaming about. Employees from Willow Garage used the Texai to attend the Stanford Block Party virtually and chat with attendees, and attendees were able to drive a Texai at Willow Garage to get a tour of our workplace.

It was an amazing event -- thousands of people, including lots of kids, were in attendance to see what the local robotics community is building. Intuitive Surgical's da Vinci system had people lined up to try their hand at teleoperated surgery, Stanford's Stickybot was showing off it's wall-climbing powers, Neato Robotics' XV-11 was keeping its section of the floor clean, and there were robots of every shape and size on display. It was also a great show for the ROS community. Stanford's autonomous car Junior and Bosch RTC's robot were in attendance, and people could play with the Meka arm used by Cody at Georgia Tech's Healthcare Robotics Lab

For more photos, please check out our gallery on Flickr.