ICRA 2010 Fun


 Bonn's Dynamaid Alaska Train Kuka LWR Aldebaran Nao PR2 Manipulation Demo Schunk LWA Segway RMP Barrett WAM Arm

We had a fantastic time hanging out at ICRA, and really enjoyed meeting the folks who stopped by our booth.  It was exciting to learn that more robots have started running on ROS, and we were finally able to put faces to some of the names that pop up on the ros-users mailing list.  We had three PR2 robots running demos in the booth, and a Texai occasionally roaming around the exhibition area, driven by employees back in Menlo Park.  We briefly managed to sneak away from our booth and take some photos. Check them out in the gallery!

We also helped organize a number of workshops, and had a great time engaging with the participants.  There were about 60 people present at the ROS Tutorial, and, by the end of the day, volunteers were able to use PR2 robots to autonomously retrieve an object from a table.  The 100 participants at the Workshop on Mobile Manipulation fostered lively and wide-ranging discussion about the direction of the field.  Additionally, the 80 participants at the Best Practice Algorithms in 3D Perception and Modeling for Mobile Manipulation workshop saw in-depth presentations and discussion about the state of the art of 3D perception and modeling.