Milestone 4 Complete!

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Last week, we completed our fourth milestone when we shipped out the remaining PR2 Beta Program robots to their host institutions.  We created four milestones to track our progress to this important goal. During Milestone 1 we saw our robot autonomously navigate for π kilometers, two days in a row.  Our second milestone brought about door-opening and autonomous plugging in.  With Milestone 3 came ROS 1.0 and improved ROS documentation and usability.

Now, with the accomplishment of another company milestone, we're excited to share the PR2 with other institutions.  All eleven robots have left the building and are en route to their new homes.  Stanford, UC Berkeley, and USC have already received and uncrated their robots, and the remaining PR2's should arrive in the next few weeks. 

While it was incredible to see all of the robots together in one place, it's going to be even better to see what they accomplish out in the world. We've still got plenty to keep us happy and hackin'.

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From left to right: USC removes the top of the crate; Stanford takes their PR2 out of the crate; UC Berkeley gets to work.