First Open-Source Code Award Given at RSS 2010


A while back, we decided to create an Open-Source Code Award that would go to researchers who release as open-source the code they use in their publication.  We believe that releasing working code with papers will improve scientific practice and accelerate progress in our field.  The goal of this award is to thank those who contribute to the open-source robotics community, and encourage others to follow suit.

At RSS 2010, in Zaragoza, Spain, we announced the first winners of this Open-Source Code Award.  Selected from among the authors of papers published at RSS this year, Sertac Karaman and Emilio Frazzoli won the award for the code accompanying their paper "Incremental Sampling-based Algorithms for Optimal Motion Planning".  The committee selected the authors for releasing their RRT(*) library.  In particular, the committee noted that the code helps the reader understand the paper, and is reusable and extensible.  Additionally, the code does not require any non-open-source software to run.

We look forward to handing out more awards in the future, and hope to see an increase in open-source publications!

Check here to read the winning publication.