Urbi Open Source now integrated with ROS


Thanks to the efforts of Gostai, Urbi and ROS are now compatible! Urbi 2.1 has just been released, and this new release includes integration with ROS and Urbiscript.

For ROS users, Urbiscript provides users a powerful scripting environment that provides features like parallelism and event-triggers for creating behavior scripts for your robots. ROS users can also use the Gostai Studio Suite, which provides a graphical IDE. Gostai has released the Urbi kernel as open source (AGPL), which contributes the growing community of open-source platform technologies for robotics.

For Urbi users, ROS provides a quickly growing library of reusable and open-source software components with a wide range of capabilities, including navigation, perception, and manipulation.

To find out more about Urbi open source, check out Urbi Forge. To get started with Urbi + ROS, you can read the Urbi manual or try their Urbi + ROS tutorial.