Open Source Awards: Peter Soetens, Geoffrey Biggs, Giorgio Grisetti

AwardWillow Garage is happy to announce three recipients of the Willow Garage Open Source Achievement Award. This award recognizes individuals in the robotics community who have been leaders in promoting and developing open-source software. Awardees are selected by the Willow Garage research and development team and will receive $2000 as additional thanks for their efforts.

Peter Soetens: Peter Soetens is the lead developer of the Orocos RTT framework for real-time robotics control. He is also the founder of The SourceWorks, which promotes, teaches, and supports the adoption of open source software in machine control applications.

Geoffrey Biggs: Geoffrey Biggs has contributed to numerous open-source robotics frameworks. In addition to being a founder of the Gearbox Project, which promotes framework-independent robotics code, he has been a contributor to Player, OpenRTM, and ROS.

Giorgio Grisetti: Giorgio Grisetti is a main developer of the GMapping and TORO libraries, which are part of the OpenSLAM project. GMapping and TORO have improved scientific research in SLAM and provided important components for real-world robotic systems. Work on these projects was done in conjunction with Cyrill Stachniss, Slawomir Grzonka and Wolfram Burgard.