Taking the Drudge out of Drudge Work: Plug Testing

Want to know one of the great things about building robots? If you are given an unenviable assignment, in this case testing new power cords for PR2, the first question you can ask is whether a robot can do it instead.

So that's what we did. In order to validate the insertion life with the receptacle on the back of PR2 we needed to conduct an insertion test thousands of times with different cords from different manufacturers. And we needed to do it right away.

PR2 was up to the task. Instead of having a person manually plugging and unplugging ad infinitum, we spent twenty minutes writing code. The result was a PR2 app that our technicians can now use to run plug insertions as many times as needed.



The great thing about robots is that you can build them to pretty much do anything you want. It seems like you are getting the job you were given done quite nicely. Hope to read more from you- Adam.
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Will we hear about PR2s building other PR2s soon (or Texai, or even just PR2 subcomponents)? That sounds like a valuable project to ramp up for the inevitable demand now that they are for sale... Or perhaps a PR2 that can disassemble and repairing a damaged peer...