PR2 Pricing & Open Source Discount

After years of design, prototyping, and testing, and with 11 PR2 robots already in the field, Willow Garage is proud to announce that PR2 is officially for sale. As of today, you can take home your very own personal robot.

PR2 is priced at $400,000. For individuals with a proven track record in contributions to the open source community, we are also introducing an award which amounts to a $120,000 discount on PR2 purchases. Details on the open source discount are here.

Obviously, this is an exciting milestone for Willow Garage as making PR2 broadly available has been a major goal of ours. We are in regular contact with our beta sites and continue to hear about exciting software they are developing and research they are doing using PR2 and ROS. With PR2 now commercially available, we can’t want to see what our new users will develop on our platform.

For more information or to purchase the PR2, please click here.



I will tell you what, if I had that kind of money I would purchase one of those robots in a heartbeat. The discount is amazing but still. I hope you will keep us informed on how the sales are going!