Matei Ciocarlie honored with Robotdalen Scientific Award


Research scientist Matei Ciocarlie was recently honored with the Robotdalen Scientific Award for his 2010 PhD dissertation on robotic grasping at Columbia University. Since graduating, Matei has joined the Willow Garage research team, where he is continuing to contribute to the wider scientific community through his research, publications, and open source ROS code. Together with the rest of the manipulation team, he has released the object manipulation pipeline for the PR2 robot, and is currently working on probabilistic methods for reliable grasp planning and identification of graspable object features in sensor data. 

Matei’s dissertation, “Low-Dimensional Robotic Grasping: Eigengrasp Subspaces and Optimized Underactuation,” focused on the following central question: how can we reduce the complexity of robotic grasping without compromising versatility? The thesis proposes using low-dimensional hand posture subspaces, that can act as planning spaces (for dexterous robotic hands), interaction spaces (for hand prosthetics) and design spaces (for adaptive underactuated hands). 

The purpose of the Robotdalen Scientific Award is to encourage young, innovative people all over the world in all aspects of robotics, finding new and untried approaches for the future. 

Robotdalen Scientific Award