Robots Using ROS Part V: Qbo, Meka, Mini-PR2, Lego NXT

Robots Using ROS

This fifth edition of Robots Using ROS features companies fully supporting ROS and robots made from basic building blocks.

  • Meka Robots: Meka has integrated their M3 realtime system with ROS so that all of their lightweight, force-controlled robots -- hands, arms, torsos, and complete systems -- can be used with ROS software.
  • Thecorpora Qbo: Qbo is a personal, open-source robot being developed on top of ROS and OpenCV.
  • Mini-PR2: The ModLab at Penn has constructed a "Mini-PR2" out of CKBot modules.
  • Lego NXT: You can now connect Lego Mindstorms NXT robots to ROS and even convert models from Lego Digital Designer.

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