Thanks for a great RoboGames 2011!

ROS Family Photo
ROS Family Photo: PR Lite (Homebrew Robotics Club), PR2, VeltroBot (Taylor Veltrop), TurtleBot, Pi Robot (Patrick Goebel), Maxwell (Michael Ferguson)

Thanks to all of you who came and visited us at RoboGames 2011! We had a lot of fun watching the competitions and debuting TurtleBot. TurtleBot had a lot of fun following people (and robots) around the Exhibit Hall.

This year was a thrill for us as we got to take our first "ROS Family Photo". We appreciate all the ROS hobbyists that came from as far away as Japan and New York to show off their ROS robots. We're pretty sure the photo above is the most robots running ROS that have been pictured together.  Many of the robots above should be familiar to readers of the "Robots Using ROS" series.

Also, congratulations to Christie Dudley for winning the TurtleBot raffle. She will be receiving a free TurtleBot kit when they ship later this year.

We've posted a small photo album of ROS robots at RoboGames on Flickr.  Be sure to head over to Robots Dreams for lots of great coverage of the event.

Taylor Veltrop's Kinect-powered Dance RoboMagellan Kinect Teloperation of Pi Robot Maxwell