See you at ICRA 2011!

We're looking foward to seeing you in Shanghai, China at ICRA 2011 from May 9-13, 2011! If you're interested in checking out what Willow Garage has been up to lately, come check out our research talks and posters.


Monday, May 9:
  9:00 Workshop “Long Term Autonomy and Lifelong Learning” (WS-M-13)
  9:00 Workshop “Semantic Perception, Mapping and Exploration” (WS-M-8)

Friday, May 13:
 9:00 Workshop “Mobile Manipulation: Integrating Perception and Manipulation” (WS-F-4)
 9:00 Workshop “Manipulation Under Uncertainty” (WS-F-12)


Tuesday, May 10:
 17:10 Forum on Innovation for Research and Education (Open Robotics)

Research Papers

Tuesday, May 10:
 10:05 3D is here: Point Cloud Library (PCL) (TuA215)
 13:40 Assisted Driving of a Mobile Remote Presence System: System Design and Controlled User Evaluation (TuP1-InteracInterac.38)
 14:00 Demonstrating the Benefits of Variable Impedance to Telerobotic Task Execution (TuP105.5)
 14:25 An Inexpensive Robot Platform for Teleoperation and Experimentation (TuP101.4)

Wednesday, May 11:
 08:35 Point Feature Extraction on 3D Range Scans Taking into Account Object Boundaries (WeA104.2)
 08:50 REIN - A Fast, Robust, Scalable REcognition INfrastructure (WeA114)
 09:20 Collaborative Grasp Planning with Multiple Object Representations (WeA111.5)
 10:05 Navigation in Hybrid Metric-Topological Maps (WeA203.1)
14:40 Skill Learning and Task Outcome Prediction for Manipulation (WeP112.5)  
14:40 G2o: A General Framework for Graph Optimization (WeP105.5)

Thursday, May 12:
 08:50 STOMP: Stochastic Trajectory Optimization for Motion Planning (ThA105.3)
 13:40 Towards Autonomous Robotic Butlers: Lessons Learned with the PR2 (ThP108.1)
 13:55 Planning for Manipulation with Adaptive Motion Primitives (ThP105.2)
 16:10 Cart Pushing with a Mobile Manipulation System: Towards Navigation with Moveable Objects (ThP209.4)