TurtleBot going Open Source

Turtlebot / Open Source Hardware

Last month, we introduced TurtleBot, a low-cost robot built on open source software.   Today we're pleased to announce that the TurtleBot hardware is going open source!

We've had a great response to TurtleBot from hobbyists and developers, including a lot of interest from people who want to build their own robots, starting with components they already have.  And we're delighted to see similar ROS-based low-cost mobile robots like Bilibot, POLYRO, and PrairieDog.  So we decided that we can best support this emerging community by publishing all the information needed to build your own TurtleBot.  Following the recently established Open Source Hardware (OSHW) definition, we will make available part numbers, CAD drawings for laser-cut hardware, board layouts and schematics, and all the necessary documentation.

Everything is coming together at turtlebot.com, a portal for all things TurtleBot and a place for the community to exchange ideas, including your own designs.  To stay up to date as the site develops, subscribe to the TurtleBot announcement list.

We're currently lining up suppliers of components; if you're interested in selling TurtleBot parts, send email to info@turtlebot.com.