PR2 and ROS in action at Penn

PR2 and ROS are being put to a variety of uses by the GRASP Lab at the University of Pennsylvania. Here are some quick updates.

Menglong Zhu taught PR2 to read signs, which is an important skill for robots navigating in the real world. For more information, see the article on

Safe Interval Path Planning (SIPP) by Mike Phillips and Maxim Likhachev (ICRA 2011 paper) is teaching PR2 better navigation skills around people. Using their planning algorithms, the robot can predict the movement of people and navigate more efficiently around them; you can also use it to get PR2 to play and awesome game of Frogger.

Philliebot threw out the first pitch at a Phillies game. Jordan Brindza and Jamie Gewirtz were nice enough to give ROS a shoutout during their ESPN interview:

Penn's "Aggressive" Quadrotors (Daniel Mellinger, Michael Shomin, Nathan Michael, Vijay Kumar) are now working together in teams to lift and transport objects:

PR2 is helping other robots out by opening doors for them. This was a final project by Ben Charrow for the MEAM 620 robotics course.  Ben's "cooperative robotics" project focused on getting hetergenous robots to work together in order to combine capabilities.