PR2 busy making breakfast and dessert at TUM and MIT

The PR2s in the PR2 Beta Program are busy learning how to make you food. To start your day off with a nice Bavarian breakfast, TUM's PR2 and Rosie robots are working together to make you sausages, slice bread, flip pancakes, and set the table. They also have taught PR2 some basic grocery shopping tasks, like putting items into a grocery basket. The work at TUM was done by the CoTeSys (Cognition for Technical Systems) cluster of excellence, which is using these integrated demonstrations to push research in 3D perception, manipulation, and cognitive robotics. You can watch the video below or checkout longer versions of the breakfast and shopping demonstrations. For more information, please see the Intelligent Autonomous Systems Group page.

If sweets are your preference, Mario Bollini at the Distributed Robotics Lab at MIT is working on teaching PR2 to make chocolate chip cookies from scratch. So far it is now pouring and mixing the ingredients together and Mario hopes to soon having it baking cookies.  You can read more at Popsci and IEEE Spectrum.