Announcing PR2 SE for under $200,000

Today we are announcing the availability of a new PR2 model, the PR2 SE. As you can see from the accompanying image, there's something quite distinct about this model. The PR2 SE is a single-armed robot with an updated sensor suite.


Particularly in light of such new programs as the NSF National Robotics Initiative, we've been encouraged to offer our personal robot platform at a more affordable price. The PR2 SE is priced at $285,000. As with the dual-armed PR2 model, an additional 30% discount is offered to individuals with a proven track record of contributions to the open source community.

While more limited in capability than its dual-arm sibling, we expect the PR2 SE will increase the market by allowing more scientists and engineers to explore the innovative capabilities for personal robots at a much faster pace.

NOTE: the updated sensor suite for the PR2 SE is still being finalized.