JSK and TUM teach PR2 to fetch you a sandwich from Subway

Hungry but too focused on your coding to leave your lab? IEEE Spectrum has posted a video from the University of Tokyo JSK Lab and Technische Universität München that shows PR2 going all the way from the upstairs JSK Lab, down the elevator to a Subway restaurant, and back, all on its own. Instead of having pre-programmed knowledge of where to buy the sandwich, the PR2 is able to do a "semantic search" that makes inferences about what sandwiches are and where they can be purchased in order to complete the task.

This demonstration relies on several new PR2 capabilities, such as manipulating elevator panels and adding multi-floor features to the ROS navigation stack. JSK and TUM also collaborated to make this a great integration of EusLisp, KnowRob, and ROS. We're really excited to see members of the PR2 Beta Program community working together to achieve even more impressive results.

For more information, please see the IEEE Spectrum article.