PR2 Pet Project at GWU

PR2 and ball

Photo credit: Jessica McConnell Burt/The George Washington University

First there was P.O.O.P. S.C.O.O.P. (Perception Of Offensive Products and Sensorized Control Of Object Pickup) from the folks at Penn's GRASP Lab, and now this. The team at George Washington University have been working on even more tools to improve the clearly vital robo-canine relationship.

We last wrote about PR2 owner GWU Prof. Evan Drumwright shortly after his robot was delivered to the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

According to a recent article in George Washington Today, Prof. Drumwright and his team have also been sniffing around robot applications for canines. We encourage you to read New Robot, Old Tricks.

In a course entitled "Autonomous Robotics," Prof. Drumwright worked with students to develop occupational capabilities in the PR2; many of which were pet-related.

GWU senior Sam Zapolsky worked on teaching the PR2 how to walk a dog. Another student, James Taylor worked on a program that would enable the PR2 to play fetch with a dog. Ph.D. student Roxana Leontie created a program that would allow the PR2 to deliver food to a pet.

This in-depth article is well worth reading; not just for the novelty of robots and pets, but also for a deeper understanding of the multidisciplinary nature of personal robotics research and the process by which researchers today are building the robot capabilities of tomorrow.

Congratulations to Prof. Drumwright and his students. You can read the full article here.