Willow Garage collaborating with Adept Technologies and Southwest Research Institute for ROS Industrial

Willow Garage is proud to announce our collaboration with Adept Technology. Along with Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), the three organizations are working together to contribute to the ROS-Industrial project. There is more information in Adept's official announcement.

ROS-Industrial has now demonstrated control of the Adept Viper 650, 6-axis industrial robot arm. This is the second robot vendor that has demonstrated a ROS-Industrial interface. This achievement demonstrates the ability of ROS-Industrial to leverage the functionality and capabilities within ROS across different robot vendor hardware and configurations. Because ROS-Industrial aims to standardize the interfaces to industrial arms in general, high level application functionality will be able to be deployed across hardware platforms. Even today, the capabilities within ROS-Industrial, including path planning and dynamic pick and place, far exceed the capabilities of any commercially available robot software. ROS-Industrial enables new applications and broadens the industrial robot market.

About ROS-Industrial

ROS-Industrial is a BSD-licensed ROS stack that contains libraries, tools and drivers for industrial hardware. The goals of ROS-Industrial are to:

  • Create a community supported by industrial robotics researchers and professionals
  • Provide a one-stop location for industry-related ROS applications
  • Develop robust and reliable software that meets the needs of industrial applications
  • Combine the relative strengths of ROS with existing industrial technologies (i.e. combining ROS high-level functionality with the low-level reliability and safety of industrial robot controllers).
  • Create standard interfaces to stimulate “hardware-agnostic” software development (using standardized ROS messages)
  • Provide an easy path to apply cutting-edge research in industrial applications, using a common ROS architecture
  • Provide simple, easy-to-use, well-documented APIs