Willow Garage on PBS' America Revealed Tonight

Last year, the production team from Lion Television descended on the Willow Garage office for a day of intensive filming. Lion Television is a top-notch independent production company and they were hard at work on America Revealed. America Revealed Website

Host Yul Kwon the production team got the know our company and the PR2 pretty well.

Yul with the Robot Credit: PBS

Photo Credit: PBS

America Revealed is a four-part PBS series that has been looking at the systems and networks that keep America running. With the first three episodes already aired, Willow Garage plays a role in the final episode, "Made in the USA." This episode examines the fact that the United States is actually the number one manufacturing nation on Earth, and what manufacturing looks like in the U.S. in the future.

The show airs in the Bay Area on KQED this Wednesday, May 2 at 10:00 pm. To check the local listing in your area, please click here America Revealed Schedule

Part of the day involved our PR2 robot taking one of the company dogs for a walk.

PR2 walking Ninja 

Photo Credit: Willow Garage

We're very curious to see whether this will survive the editing process.


The segment did air.  You can watch it here on the PBS website.