See you at ICRA 2012!

We're looking foward to seeing you in St. Paul, Minnesota at ICRA 2012 from May 14-18, 2012! If you're interested in what Willow Garage has been up to lately, come check out our booth in the exhibition area, our talks at the conference and the ICRA Sushi Challenge.

Workshops, Tutorials and Challenges

Tuesday, May 15 and Wednesday, May 16:

Friday, May 18:

Research Papers

Tuesday, May 15:

  • 09:00 "Navigation in Three-Dimensional Cluttered Environments for Mobile Manipulation" (TuA210.4)
  • 11:30 "Real-Time Compression of Point Cloud Streams" (TuB08.5)

Thursday, May 17:

  • 08:45 "FCL: A General Purpose Library for Collision and Proximity Queries" (ThA06.2)  
  • 09:00 "Search-Based Planning for Dual-Arm Manipulation with Upright Orientation Constraints" (ThA04.3)  
  • 10:45 "Exploiting Segmentation for Robust 3D Object Matching" (ThB08.2)
  • 17:00 "3DNet: Large-Scale Object Class Recognition from CAD Models" (ThD210.2)