The 2012 PR2 Workshop in Freiburg, Germany

The PR2 community recently got together for a workshop hosted by the University of Freiburg, Germany. The workshop was loosely structured around a hackathon to implement pieces of this year's ICRA mobile manipulation challenge - Yesterday's Sushi - using the PR2. But the real goal was to meet and work with new people, exchange code and tips and tricks, and generally have a great time! Teams were formed by mixing people from different schools and different fields, making for an exciting and social week. Thanks to the Universities of Freiburg, Leuven and Munich, the six teams had three PR2s to hack on.

At the end of the week, all of the teams demonstrated novel robot behaviors. Some teams decided to concentrate on picking up dishes from an automatic turntable, others stacked and unstacked dishes, one group performed two-handed manipulation of a tray, and another planned the best order in which to set a table. Along the way a lot of caffeine and schnitzel were consumed, a walk and meal in the beautiful Black Forest were enjoyed, and the robots got to play with real sushi.

A big THANK YOU to Juergen Hess, Wolfram Burgard and all of our hosts at the University of Freiburg for organizing the event!

You can download some of the software here

Enjoy some of the highlights of the week in the video above and photos here

Want to see more? Watch the final demonstrations of the Mobile Manipulation Challenge at ICRA on Wednesday May 16th starting at 2:30 pm!