Robotics Research Grant Opportunity

Clearpath Robotics is offering a grant to academic researchers who use ROS. Equipment grants for robotics research are often hard to come by. To remedy this, Clearpath Robotics started the PartnerBot Grant Program in the hopes of putting robots into the hands of deserving researchers.


The purpose of this grant is to facilitate research and increase the speed of robotics development by encouraging publishing results and adding to open source initiatives. One of the prerequisites of the PartnerBot Grant requires the research team to use ROS and publish their findings, this includes posting any code they write to the ROS wiki and giving back to the community.

The PartnerBot Grant Program provides funding for one Clearpath Robotics Husky A200 and associated customization services, worth a total of $25,000. The Husky A200 is a rugged unmanned research platform that is perfectly suited for all-terrain outdoor purposes. ROS is fully integrated and it is completely customizable to suit your individual unmanned vehicle needs.

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